Waikerie Canoe Trails

Canoe Trails

To the east of Waikerie you'll find a guided Murray River canoe trail, catering to both beginner and experienced kayak and canoe enthusiast, explore the region’s network of waterways, creeks and lagoons.

Covering the Murray River National ParkKatarapko Creek, Loch Luna, Ral Ral Creek and Chowilla parks and reserves, each guide includes a detailed map, sightseeing highlights and useful information such as launch sites and camping spots en-route.

Loch Luna Canoe Trail

The Loch Luna wetland reserve possesses large areas of permanent water, narrow creeks and shallow swamps that create a wide variety of environments that are important habitat for many aquatic birds and animals. Water rats, goannas, tortoises can be seen along the Loch Luna riverbanks. The Murray River Canoe Guide outlines several suggested routes within Loch Luna waters. Length and difficulty vary.

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Canoe and Kayak Hire

Woody’s Variety Store at Waikerie has kayaks available to hire for full day or half day. 10ft fishing and recreational kayak for hire.
$40 full day or $30 half day.
4 available now with more added to fleet if needed. Terms and conditions apply.
Ph: (08) 8541 3888

Kingston-on-Murray Caravan Park - $22 for 3 hours per couple. The Kingston-on-Murray area is prolific in birdlife including the rare Regent Green Parrot. Explore the Waikerie Bird Watcher's Trail.

Canoeing Safety


  • Road conditions in the Riverland are generally good and there is a lot to see with short driving times between the towns and many
  • Practise the following advice to ensure a safe holiday.
  • Parks are closed during catastrophic fire days – check conditions before starting out.
  • Some roads are unsealed – check conditions before starting out
  • Plan rest breaks and make service stops
  • Advise family, friends or others of your itinerary
  • Carry adequate supplies of food and drinking water
  • Drive at a reduced speed on unsealed roads
  • Check mobile phone coverage – it is limited in parts of rural South Australia.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle if you become stranded: stay in the shade and wait until help arrives.
  • When you are walking, riding, camping or boating:
  • Use detailed, up-to-date trail maps
  • Advise family, friends or others of your itinerary
  • Carry adequate supplies of food and drinking water
  • Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and suitable clothing
  • Take all your rubbish home
  • Check fire regulations and warnings
  • Avoid setting up camp under River Red Gum trees
  • Respect the environment – do not disturb wildlife and plants
  • Be considerate of other visitors
  • Leave natural and historical objects in place

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