Waikerie and our Neighbours in the Riverland

Stretching three hundred kilometres along some of the Murray River’s most dramatic and lovely scenery, the Riverland is a destination rapidly becoming known for its remarkable natural environment and heritage.

From the eastern border of South Australia, the river weaves its way past a cinematic backdrop of vertical limestone and sandstone cliffs, graceful red gums and burgeoning citrus orchards and vineyards and creates lagoons and wetlands, before turning south for its final run to the Great Southern Ocean.

In the Riverland, it’s easy to get off the beaten track and explore the many hidden secrets of a relatively untouched river environment, especially in the 19 national parks and reserves that include long stretches of river, wetlands and the Mallee.

Waikerie's Birdwatcher's Trail

There are walking and bike trails along waterways, through wetlands and the Mallee, canoe routes through anabranches, lagoons and creeks, camping grounds in tranquil places and scenic drives throughout the region.

The river’s heritage stretches back millennia and plays a significant role in the Dreaming of the Ngarrindjeri people. It became the lifeline for many early European settlers and its days as a paddle steamer highway shaped the towns spread along its banks today.

There are over 23 nature and heritage trails (Riverland Nature Trails pdf) that interpret the heritage, ecology and culture of the region. Many travel in parts of the Riverland’s greatest natural asset, the Riverland Biosphere Reserve, one of 12 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the world and internationally recognised for its river, wetland and mallee biodiversity, and the rare and endangered plants, birds and animals that these habitats sustain. Comprising national parks, game reserves, pastoral leases and National Trust properties, Bookmark includes one of the largest continuous stands of Mallee left in the world and great stretches of waterways.

Riverland Towns

Riverland town websites

Barmera - (Waikerie to Barmera map)
Loxton - (Waikerie to Loxton map)
Renmark-Paringa - (Waikerie to Renmark map)
Berri - (Waikerie to Berri map)

West of Waikerie
Ramco - 6km
Morgan - 43km
Cadell - 30km
Blanchetown - 43km

East of Waikerie
Barmera - 49km
Overland Corner - 36km (via ferry)
Kingston-on-Murray - 36km
Monash - 58km
Loxton - 74km
Berri - 62km
Lyrup - 71km
Renmark-Paringa - 79km

Waikerie and Riverland Drives map